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Break From Oes Tsetnoc, Development, Work, Business & Family Time

Taking an Oes Tsetnoc Break

Taking an Oes Tsetnoc Break

Brief Updates

Days have been busy and still giving a good balance with work and quality family time. So right now I am way far form competition standing on the SEO Contest OES TSETNOC. As in super far, like page 6 or something.

Tools: barely getting the Backlink Intelligence tool done.

Work: same thing. Delayed deadlines, have to fill up my timesheet on our project tracking software. Send in a reimbursement form. Check emails.

Business: respond to tons of emails and a lot more.

Family Time: spent with my in-laws with the kids and watched some DVDs, mainly Taking of Phelam 123 and Knowing.

New Oes Tsetnoc Template

Now using a new template by


More Updates and Upgrades



Just did this now:

  • StatPressCN and WP-Stats - More numbers, more data, more confusing stuff to look at and pretend you understand them.
  • WordPress Automatic Upgrade - My Fantastico version was installing¬†Wordpress 2.8.4, and whenever I upgrade, I love how WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin works. If backs up everything first, then sets into maintenance mode, disabled plugins, upgrades WordPress, then enables plugins.
  • Upgraded to WordPress 2.8.5 - Yup the latest.
  • Installed Exec PHP - Of course, since I did say I plan on making a tool. Run PHP within blog post.
  • Deleted defaults - Deleted Hello World default blog post, first comment and default blog roll.
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