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Digg Traffic vs. FaceBook Traffic

FB vs Digg - Shared or Dugg?

FB vs Digg - Shared or Dugg?

Back in the day (which was not really so long ago, about 4 to 5 years ago), Digg was a major source of traffic. You come up with something catchy, buzz-worthy, link baitable, viral, whatever, you can expect Digg to be your ally in making this happen. All the strategies that revolved around it. From having good titles and description, not digging your own stuff, having the right Digg friends and influencers. And it's amazing to see how much good traffic you can get these days from Facebook alone, and not even having a single Digg. I can imagine in some blog post that people share on FB, most probably many of you are Digg members too, but many don't bother that much anymore to Digg. Even myself as shown in the screenshot above. I shared it on FB too, but I didn't Digg it. I was just to lazy to hit the button and Digg it. Although I believe it is still not the end for Digg, it will still survive for some time. There are some good topics that revolve around Digg better sometimes.

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