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Break From Oes Tsetnoc, Development, Work, Business & Family Time

Taking an Oes Tsetnoc Break

Taking an Oes Tsetnoc Break

Brief Updates

Days have been busy and still giving a good balance with work and quality family time. So right now I am way far form competition standing on the SEO Contest OES TSETNOC. As in super far, like page 6 or something.

Tools: barely getting the Backlink Intelligence tool done.

Work: same thing. Delayed deadlines, have to fill up my timesheet on our project tracking software. Send in a reimbursement form. Check emails.

Business: respond to tons of emails and a lot more.

Family Time: spent with my in-laws with the kids and watched some DVDs, mainly Taking of Phelam 123 and Knowing.

New Oes Tsetnoc Template

Now using a new template by Andrei Luca, LightWord. Although I started making some modifications already and I am not completely finished. And probably in a few days you will see even more updates, so much updates that this may have a tendency to look like my own template. But of course I will always credit Andrei Luca for this original work.

New plugin installations

Some of these include:

Aizatto's Related Post - Improves internal relevant cross linking within the site by posting related blog post.

Contact Form 7 - People want to contact me? Use the contact form. It has some CAPTCHA and easy to create forms on different pages.

My Category Order and My Page Order - Just give me more control on the order of pages and menus.

Robots Meta - More control on the meta noindex tag.

And a lot more. Some that I installed but uninstalled were:

Easy Adsense - I was not happy with the interface, too many options so I just did the code myself in the template where I have full flexibility where the ad appears and how it appears.

GD Star Rating - I was changing the options and the options won't change. I used WP-PostRating instead.

Permalink Validator - I think this is a good tool, although it was intefering with my own Backlink Intelligence tool I was working on where I had dynamic URL parameters. It was doing a 301 removing the parameters. Having said that, I think this is good for PPC landing pages with tracking codes.

CommentLuv - It is a good plugin, but wow, they decided to join the same SEO contest. Every person that installs it, helps them win too!

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