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Good Priced Catchy Domains Needed to Sell Immediately!

The end of this year has been very challenging for me with several unexpected expenses, a $300 penalty for bringing in meat in the US coming from the Philippines and any type of meat is not allowed to come in. I got a $370 over speeding tiket, just to name a few unexpected expenses. And just for me to make it more easier to catch up with all expenses, I have decided to sell some of my treasured domain names. Mainly because they are nice and catchy domain names that I previously purchased and planned on using for future plans, but due to my current need, I am selling a few of my domains and hopefully they get sold at the soonest possible time to catch up with some bills. Check out the list of domains I have there and there might be one you may want.

Domains on Making Money Online $300 Only!
Domain name for sale, good for websites about making money online, internet marketing professionals concentrated in affiliate marketing and other ways to make money.

Podcast and Online Shows $300 Only!
Use this domain name for Podcast show websites, Podcast how-to websites, Podcast accessories like microphones and audio recording/archiving equipment.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)/ Social Media Marketing (SMM) $1000 Only! $500 Only!
Great for interactive digital agencies that do a lot of work in the social space, social media websites for social networking, social bookmarking, social news, and more. Social media is know to play a new role in 2010 as search engines such as Bing and Google has been doing a lot of work on real time search.

Dating Website Domains $500 Only! - Dating websites with the social media twist. $500 Only! - Target dating sites in a local area. Dating in San Diego.

Content Publisher Sites $150 Only! - Music lyrics websites tend to do well in SEO. Obtain a large database, build the dyamic site and do add contextual publishing and affiliate marketing of musical instruments, sheet music. music lessons, music books and more! $350 Only! - Mortgage is a very competitive industry. And being in this business is not enough to gain significant traffic online. Good content about mortage, educational, learning, how-to, definition.

Mobile Technology $1000 Only! - VOIP Services similar to Skype, MagicJack, Google Voice, Vonage, etc. $1000 Only! - SMS/Text gateway services, SMS interfaces, auto repliers, text blasting services, etc.

CAPTCHA Technology $200 Only! - Got the next best CAPTCHA tool like reCAPTCHA? Who knows in the future, someone might buy you too like what Google did.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/Search Engine Marketing (SEM)/Pay Per Click (PPC) related domains. $500 - Keyword research tools such as Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery, Wordze, are definitely good continouous income money makers. If your keyword research tool is good too, this might be the domain for you. $2000 - Doctors diagnose illnesses. Low ranking in search engines is also an illness to potential website sales. Being the SEO doctor to diagnose the problems, fix it and give the best recommendations, this may be the perfect web 2.0ish domain for you. $400 - not only for SEO/SEM but for any press release copy writer, new journalist and pro bloggers.

Sudoku Fun! $50 $50
Add $200 to include the complete website code.

Up to you what you think you can use this for: $69.69 $25

This is a first come first serve deal. If interested, place a comment below and I will based the buyers on the timestamp of the comments on who has the intention to buy first. Please do not post twice if you do not see anything. This blog is running on moderated comments. Thanks so much!

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