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SEO for Super Large Enterprise Level Mega Websites

Doing SEO for the average website with 100 pages or less is still a bit manageable by a one-man SEO team assuming this is the only project you are working on. But when the number of projects increase and when you are faced with a website with tons of pages, like 10,000 or more, SEO becomes a bit hard even for a team of SEO specialist.

Tackling SEO for the Enterprise Level Website client, SEO is handled in a different way just because of the sheer super large amount of pages you will need to optimized for. And this is where this video can help guide you, see the video below:


Keyword Research Fundamentals – Learning the Foundation of Good SEO

In the very beginning on SEO, you got to know what keywords to target, and this is where the is some good common sense, good tools and good decision making that will make keyword research work for you and maximize your SEO and PPC campaign potential.

Watch the video below of Benj Arriola from the recent SEMCon 2009.