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WordPress Simple Elegant Basketball Theme/Template Design

WPBBal - Simple Basketball WordPress Template Designed Theme

WPBBal - Simple Basketball WordPress Template Designed Theme

Do you run a blog and is a fan of basketball? Plays basketball? Or is a basketball coach? Probably this template is good for you. It is not bloated with code, a simple design, not really going crazy with graphics everywhere but still making a statement that you are really into basketball. Check this


Digg Traffic vs. FaceBook Traffic

FB vs Digg - Shared or Dugg?

FB vs Digg - Shared or Dugg?

Back in the day (which was not really so long ago, about 4 to 5 years ago), Digg was a major source of traffic. You come up with something catchy, buzz-worthy, link baitable, viral, whatever, you can expect Digg to be your ally in making this happen.


Good Priced Catchy Domains Needed to Sell Immediately!

The end of this year has been very challenging for me with several unexpected expenses, a $300 penalty for bringing in meat in the US coming from the Philippines and any type of meat is not allowed to come in. I got a $370 over speeding tiket, just to name a few unexpected expenses. And just for me to make it more easier to catch up with all expenses, I have decided to sell some of my treasured domain names. Mainly because they are nice and catchy domain names that I previously purchased and planned on using for future plans, but due to my current need, I am selling a few of my domains and hopefully they get sold at the soonest possible time to catch up with some bills. Check out the list of domains I have there and there might be one you may want.


Help Increase Bookmarks Using Referring URL Call to Action

Calls to Action

Calls to Action

Effectiveness of Calls to Action

Using a call to action always helps in a conversion. Getting a person to click on a button just because you are suggesting you click on the button. There is a design aspect of it that these buttons should standout but not annoy a person by draws the persons attention to it. There is also a content aspect of it where there are people that write good calls to action that entice a person to click on it. This blog post is not really about how to make the best calls to action, although if you are interested more in how to make effective calls to action, you can check these 10 techniques from BoagWorld.

What I am going to talk about is calls to action on Social Bookmarking and paying special attention to the referring URLs so you can customize a call to action.

The Referring URL

When someone lands on a page, by clicking on a link, the referring URL is the page where it came from. Web browsers pay attention to the current URL of the page it is displaying and passes it on as a variable that can be read on the landing page. you can use both server-side scripting (like PHP, JSP, ASP, Cold Fusion, etc.) and client-side scripting like JavaScript to read the value of tis variable. This is called the HTTP_REFERER. Example, the referring URL of this page is


SEO for Super Large Enterprise Level Mega Websites

Doing SEO for the average website with 100 pages or less is still a bit manageable by a one-man SEO team assuming this is the only project you are working on. But when the number of projects increase and when you are faced with a website with tons of pages, like 10,000 or more, SEO becomes a bit hard even for a team of SEO specialist.

Tackling SEO for the Enterprise Level Website client, SEO is handled in a different way just because of the sheer super large amount of pages you will need to optimized for. And this is where this video can help guide you, see the video below:


cPanel/WHM Site Migration

cPanel/WHM Site Migration

Method 1: WHM to WHM with root access

What you need:

  • Old Server's
    • IP Address
    • Secure Shell (SSH) access enabled
    • Username of hosting account
    • Server Root Password
    • If ┬ároot user is not allowed to login, you need another SSH user and password that can SU to root.

How to do it:

WHM to WHM Cpanel Account Transfer with SSH access

WHM to WHM Cpanel Account Transfer with SSH access

All you do is login to the New Server's WHM and choose the option Copy an account from another server. Fill up the


Google Makes a Programming Language: Go!

Google started all with excellent search technology, but they are really a leader in technology overall. Many have said they can easily overthrow Microsoft which does not seem to be impossible, now that Google has it's own web-based Word Processor and Spreadsheet with Google Docs like Word and Excel. It's own email and calendar software like Outlook. Chrome their web browser is the Internet Explorer counterpart. Although Google has not been in the Operating System business yet, they do have one already for mobile phones which is the Google Android. Known to create top quality technology services, you can expect this new programming language to be of the same quality. Simplicity is one of it's principles just like any other Google product. And makes programming more simple compared to C/C++ and the C/C++ like languages like Java. See video presentation of the introduction of Go below:

There is a very comprehensive user guide on:

Rob Pike aside from being a good programmer and developer of a programming language, he is also and accomplished author of the books: The Practice of Programming and also Unix Programming Environment

Buy Books by Rob Pike today.


Oes Tsetnoc: Top SEO Blog?

Oes Tsetnoc - Backlink Intelligence is a TopSEOBlog?

Oes Tsetnoc - Backlink Intelligence is a TopSEOBlog?

Just joined in this site and after seeing a list of 80+ websites, I am surprised to see my site at 11. Anyway they site is not much of an authority to decide what a top SEO blog is and I guess they are just deciding by the number of page loads.